Practical Information

Training and S&C

We usually train twice a week on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings unless we have a game to play on Sunday in which case we will only practice on Thursday. We are an understanding society when it comes to missing the occasional training session, but we ask all our members to attend as often as possible. We also maitain a strength and conditioning regimen that includes session at Ethos with our gym coach. All players are expected to take part in these sessions are more than encouraged to hit the gym on their time. This is especially important as it helps prevent injuries and accelerates player development.



As you may know, American football requires a lot of equipement. The most important safety pieces are helmets, shoulder pads and leg protections, which are all provided by the club to its members. However, gum-shields and cleated boots are also required and should you should purchase them individually, but don't worry they can be bought for less than 30£. Furthermore, gloves are also recommended but these can be bought in bulk as part of larger team purchase that happens at the beginning of the season.